The Gilman Partners Process

On every search we conduct, we apply a team approach and follow a structured process proven to deliver results. We utilize two recruiters per search along with the support of full-time sourcing and research professionals to help us find the candidates others miss. We also leverage a purposeful series of screens, interviews, and behavioral profiles to ensure we only present our clients with the candidates who are a true best fit.

Here are just a few of the ways our process sets us apart:

  • Personalized search strategy: We recognize that every search is unique in its scope and requirements. After in-depth conversations with our clients' key stakeholders, our team develops a custom search strategy to guide the entire process.
  • 21-day meeting: In addition to regular weekly updates via phone, we meet one-on-one with clients three weeks after kicking off the search to talk about what we’re seeing in our research and what we're hearing in conversations with sources and potential candidates.
  • Predictive Index: In addition to our team's deep experience in recruiting top talent, we utilize the globally recognized Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment to add another data point in assessing fit and helping to establish the requirements of a position. The online, free-choice assessment measures the four core drives that predict workplace behaviors and motivators. Learn more about Predictive Index.
  • We’re with you every step of the way. We assist with scheduling interviews, recommending the most effective interview format, providing suggested questions, and creating a scorecard to capture interview feedback. Our recruiters structure additional interview rounds with the finalist candidates, including candidate presentations and site visits. We’ll even provide salary data to help you make the strongest offer, and counsel the successful candidate on the best way to resign from his or her current position.