Branding Yourself as an Employer--How Attractive are you to Top Talent?

Competing for talent in today's marketplace requires more than posting a job; it requires finesse. Whether you realize it or not, as an employer you present a certain image as a place of employment -- your  employer "brand". As you begin to think about hiring and recruiting, remember that the brand you communicate to potential employees can be a key factor in attracting the right new hire. Here are a few suggestions for making sure your employer brand helps, rather than hurts, your efforts. Make your website work hard for you. Your company website is not just for customers -- potential employees are likely to make it their first stop in their consideration of you.  Make sure it effectively reflects who you are and what you do, and use it to attract the kind of talent you want. Keep in mind that your website reflects the brand and culture of your workplace, especially to Generation Y talent.  Make it good.   "Sell" your employer brand in each job posting. Ensure your postings are well written and exciting and that they communicate your brand effectively. Don't think of the posting as merely a description. Use it to create enthusiasm for the position so you can begin to "sell" to high talent candidates!   Review your social media presence. Many candidates will evaluate your presence in social media.  Review your LinkedIn company profile and your Facebook page to make sure they reflect the right brand image.   Screen candidates respectfully. Once you begin to interview candidates, the process should be well organized and professional. Be cognizant of the image you reflect to candidates -- especially those you turn down. Unsuccessful candidates who feel they've been treated poorly can quickly damage your employer  brand. Try to make decisions quickly and let the unsuccessful candidates know as soon as you can.


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