Baldwin Gilman? A National Search Firm?

Author--Michele Plessinger"We thought you guys just did local searches!" On occasion, we'll hear from one of our potential clients that they chose to use one of the "big guys" ½a National/Global Search Firm½.to manage a search for them.   We have to wonder.   Let's look at the facts:

  1. If you are a company with a local presence you are much less likely to want to relocate a candidate to Cincinnati.  Relocation costs more, it's a riskier hire, and let's face it½unless you've lived here or have some connection here, a candidate is not very likely to pick up and move to the 'nati.  If you are using a national search firm, where do you think they will look for candidates first?  In Cincinnati!  But they won't have the network or the connections we do.   No one can beat our network of professionals.
  2.  If you are a company that is open to relocating candidates, then great.  Like a national firm, we use the latest networking techniques and have a global reach with our technology and thorough process  including behavioral assessments and background checks (included in the fee, by the way).   But don't you want a firm that can represent you AND Cincinnati well?  A national firm based in a big city cannot possibly know the benefits of living in the Queen City.  I should know -  I lived in New York City before living in Cincinnati and moved here kicking and screaming (and I had a family connection here!).  Now  I know better.
  3. Maybe you think a national firm is more professional?  The Executive Recruiters here had significant experience prior to joining BG.  They've been executives, business owners or worked in professional services firms. If that's not enough to convince you, meet us½or better yet, talk to one of our clients.
  4. Let's talk about the fee.  If you want to pay the full fee - regardless of the performance or the outcome of the search - then engage a national firm.    Our approach is different. We set a fixed fee that is paid out based on our performance -  a portion of the fee is paid at commencement of the search, at the interview stage and at the offer acceptance stage.  If you don't hire someone - we don't get the last portion of the fee.

So, given the facts, maybe these companies think using a national search firm is just 'sexier' or more impressive than using the premiere search firm in Cincinnati?    If that's what you want, then use a national firm.  If you want a strong, local firm with a high quality and efficiently run process at a competitive fee, then call us.


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