Hiring and Recruiting Outlook for the Second Half of 2012

Eric Gilpin, President of the Staffing and Recruiting Group with CareerBuilder, reported in the Q2 2012 U.S. Job Forecast, "The U.S. economy continues to gain momentum and trend in a positive direction½" but continued saying, "there is still much work to be done." We can't agree more! The first half of the year has been steady, but not booming! Our business has increased 19% over last year (for which we're thankful) but we're still not experiencing the activity we had back in 2007 and 2008. Talking with executives and owners, we conclude there is still a lot of concern surrounding the European Debt Crisis, the upcoming Fiscal Cliff, the Presidential Election and a China Slowdown. The predominant sentiment throughout has been that these executives remain very cautious in their hiring initiatives. The "wait-and-see" mentality is at the forefront and many companies are currently not investing in or hiring new employees. And, the companies who are hiring are simply replacing or upgrading positions and not seeking to add additional talent to their teams. So, regarding the state of hiring and recruiting for the remainder of 2012, we believe the following:

  1. Unfortunately, we will see more of the same. Since it doesn't look like the macro economic conditions will change, we believe our clients will remain cautious.
  2. Positions in fields of marketing, sales, accounting & finance, and operations have been in high demand and we expect that to continue.
  3. The industries that have the most activity and seem to be leading the way are manufacturing and professional services.

If your company is experiencing the situations noted above, know that you are not alone. However, if your company's experience is different, we would love to hear your stories and share them with our readership, so please comment below. Question(s) regarding this subject, email me!


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