Five Ways to Build Your Employer Brand

Are you planning to hire any key employees in 2015? If so, ask yourself an important question: "Why would top performers want to work here?" You may know the answers - industry-leading products, great place to work, opportunities for career growth - but will prospective candidates know much about your company? Many companies have an employer branding strategy where they establish specific tactics for telling their story through their advertising, website, blogs, and other social media outlets. Don't worry - you can convey your brand and unique story without a large investment. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started: 1. Talk to your employees. Why do they enjoy working at the company? Why do they think someone should leave a good job to join the organization? This will help you create your recruitment story. (If you don't get positive answers from your current staff you may have larger issues to address). 2. Make sure that your website has a compelling "careers" section. This is where many candidates will form their first impression of the company, so you should incorporate pictures, employee testimonials, and descriptions of recent company recognition and awards. Also, be sure to post all current openings, job descriptions, and contact information in a user-friendly format. 3. Optimize your career page for mobile applications. Many job seekers use their smartphones to explore new opportunities, especially if they have restrictions on their computer at work. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly. 4. Create a first-class candidate experience. Respond to all applications and employment inquiries, even if there's not a fit. For candidates that proceed through the interview process, provide feedback and solicit questions; remember that recruiting is a two-way street. These simple courtesies will help establish you as an employer of choice. 5. Share your company story and news. Attend industry conferences or business networking events. Build your online presence through a blogs or other social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. This will help your recruiting efforts as you increase your visibility in the market. Involve other members of your management team in these efforts. You may find someone whose has a hidden talent for blogging, or someone with a desire to get more involved in the community. A more engaged workforce will become part of your employer brand and help you attract new talent.


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