Talent Drives International Expansion

finan2 International Business Expansion Creates Opportunity and Excitement for Many Growing OrganizationsRecruitment of a strong talent base is an important element of success and it must start from the inside. Companies relocating to the U.S. often face unanticipated challenges when identifying a new leader, team members, or trusted service providers. Where to look, whom to trust, and how to start the recruiting process are often top of mind - and should be. In today's market where passive candidates hold the advantage, securing key talent quickly becomes the top priority. And this is no different for companies squarely rooted in the U.S. There are ways, however, to prepare for the talent search before reaching out to prospective candidates or retaining a search firm.

  • Invest time in a position profile inclusive of the technical skill set and the softer skills relevant to the position.
  • Understand the compensation level for the position, what the market is paying both from a sector and geographic standpoint. The package should be inclusive of benefits - health options, vacation and sick leave, insurance, and retirement plans.
  • Identify expectations for new-hires at all levels. Communication, meeting schedules, reporting systems, and goals are a few topics of interest.
  • Cultural and time differences can create havoc if there is not an awareness or upfront agreement on what is expected and accepted. Long-distance management is tough enough; add a language barrier and international time line and it becomes more complicated.
  • Family and spouse considerations are extremely important in the recruitment of talent -whether the prospective employee will be transferring from abroad or are already located domestically. Understand the needs of the family, the spouse's career options, and what is important related to education, housing and community.
  • Don't underestimate the stress of international travel in concert with life balance. As the employer, provide resources to assist with arrangements and other details.

As an international company, identifying a reputable search firm through references from companies with similar experiences and needs can be extremely helpful. Ask for specific experiences, process detail, and fee structure. Insist on regular and timely communication. The investment made in a firm with the ability to place the right talent for your company can leave a lasting legacy. Karen Finan, Partner at Gilman Partners is a Board member of the European American Chamber of Commerce in Cincinnati. She actively identifies opportunities with international companies in the talent placement arena. Gilman Partners has successfully participated in a number of searches for international companies and continues to apply a consultative approach for value added service. Need assistance with your next search? Contact Karen at 859.620.3583 or kfinan@gilmanpartners.com.


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