Culture Shaping: Hiring Employees who can Shift Organizational Culture

MichelleHiring individuals who align with your company's core values, ethics, and culture can be critical to their success as well as that of your organization. However, successful and thriving companies continue to evolve their culture in order to maintain their competitive advantage. Cultivating organizational culture, or culture shaping as it's often known, continues to be a hot topic within management conversations. Culture shaping is done with purpose and starts at the top. Successful CEOs and executive leaders shape their culture instead of allowing their culture to shape the company. These leaders have a clear and compelling purpose for themselves and their organizations. I keep reading about the Leadership Shadow - the idea that effective leaders essentially cast their shadow on the organization. That shadow should reflect the clearly defined values and behaviors that the leader and other executives model. Like any other business strategy, the culture-shaping process needs to be championed and supported by resources and an execution plan. The shaping process is a journey, not an event, but what happens to those employees who fit and were successful within Culture A, but now are shifting to Culture B? Again, much of the culture shift happens over time. So as the newly shaped culture is being defined and communicated, new employees are joining the organization who fit - and often will help drive - that culture shift. Are current employees left behind? If the culture shaping is done right, most employees will adapt and be able to evaluate their existing habits, behaviors, and values and align with the new culture. But, there will be some people who can't or won't make that shift. In the end, hiring employees who fit into a company's existing culture is fine. But for the sake of growth and future success, it's imperative for hiring managers to always be on the lookout for employees who also can bring necessary change.   Michele focuses on the firm's CFO, accounting, and finance searches. She has over fifteen years of experience in recruiting and human resources, spanning industries such as manufacturing, health care, professional services and technology.  A former Deloitte employee, she has extensive expertise in recruiting for the consulting, finance and accounting industries. Michele is also the firm's certified expert on the BG Behavioral Assessment tool which is administered as part of the candidate selection process. Michele has a bachelor's degree from Penn State University and joined the firm in 2004.


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