A Recruiter's Notebook: Attention to Retention

With all of the buzz about the tight talent market, retention of your top performers is getting more attention. As recruiters, we’re reaching out to your coveted employees to entice them with new career opportunities. Why would they be interested? Here are some of the reasons they share with us:

  • I’m ready for a new challenge.
  • My company is not committed to growth.
  • The opportunities for advancement are limited.
  • It takes too long to get anything done here.
  • I’m ready to have a “seat at the table.”
  • My staff keeps shrinking and I’m doing the job of three people.
  • The culture has changed and it’s no fun anymore.
  • They changed my bonus program and it’s much harder to hit my targets.
  • I’m traveling too much and it’s taking a toll.

Do any of these reasons ring true? If so, it makes sense to sit down with your top performers and ask about their level of job satisfaction. Be ready to talk about additional resources, professional development, career path opportunities, work-life balance and compensation. You may even engage in an honest discussion about the company’s culture, vision and strategy.

The fact that you are investing time and showing interest will be noticed, but the real impact will come when you are able to address some of these concerns. Then, you will truly make my job as a recruiter much harder!

Barry Elkus
Partner, Gilman Partners



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