A Recruiter’s Notebook: Create a Richer Interview Experience

In today’s tight talent market, it’s important for candidates to discover why your organization is an attractive place to work and get a feel for your culture. Ideally, this will become clear as they move through the interview process, however often it’s hard for a candidate to get a true sense of “fit” from a traditional one-on-one or small group interview. Here are a few additional interactions that our clients have found to be helpful as finalist candidates move through the vetting process:

  • Take a tour of the offices and/or production facilities. Both parties can learn a lot about fit based on interactions with other employees along the way.
  • Visit a remote location in a nearby market to get a sense of the company away from headquarters.
  • Spend some time in the field, visiting a client or retail location.
  • Have a small group of colleagues or direct reports take the candidate to lunch.
  • Arrange dinner with the leadership team or one-on-one with the CEO. For a C-suite role, a Board member can be invited to join.
  • Invite the candidate to a staff meeting as an observer to give them a glimpse into the group dynamic.
  • If the timing works, invite the candidate to an upcoming company event to meet everyone in a more casual setting.

Of course, with some candidates, discretion is very important and some of these options will be challenging. Select a few that work best for everyone and you’re sure to learn more about the candidate at the same time they are getting a better feel for the company. Plus, you’ll increase the odds for a long-term relationship. 

Barry Elkus,

Partner, Gilman Partners



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