When Not to Engage an Outside Recruiter

How do you decide when to seek outside help recruiting talent for key roles at your company?  I may not be the most objective source for advice, but here are some guidelines to consider:

When to try on your own:

  • You have a robust personal network that is relevant for the position
  • You have time to sort through and prioritize responses to a job posting
  • You have a large LinkedIn network and time to reach out to candidates who are not actively looking
  • You have a strong employer brand and leverage social media to promote career opportunities
  • You expect to generate viable employee referrals
  • You don’t have the resources to pay for outside help

When to engage an outsider recruiter:

  • It’s a confidential search and discretion is important
  • It’s a regional or national search and you want to reach beyond your natural networks
  • It’s a C-level role and you want to ensure that you see the best talent in the market
  • You have strong internal candidates who you want to compare to the best available talent
  • You’re interested in seeing talent from outside of your industry
  • Speed is important and the opportunity cost of not filling the role is great
  • You’re busy and want to review a fully vetted, diverse slate of qualified candidates

Every recruiting need is different and calls for a unique search strategy. In some cases, our clients reach out to us once they’ve tried on their own and are not satisfied with the results.  As a result, we tend to work on the tough searches!  



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