Julie George Celebrates 25 Years

Julie George has been with the firm, now known as Gilman Partners for 25 years and has built many long-standing relationships with manufacturing companies in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas. She heads up the firm’s Manufacturing, Operations and Supply Chain Practice as well as the Engineering Practice and leads senior-level searches in these disciplines and more. Julie received her bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources from Miami University of Ohio. She serves on the board of the European American Chamber of Commerce Cincinnati chapter, and has assisted 4 Paws for Ability in raising puppies to be service dogs. As we celebrate Partner Julie George’s “silver” anniversary with the company, we are taking a look back on a quarter century in the industry – what has advanced, changed, and stayed constant.

The Industry from the ’90s to Now

When Julie started with the firm in 1995 it was owned by Keith Baldwin and called Baldwin & Associates. It became Baldwin Gilman when Tom Gilman bought it in 2004 and then Gilman Partners in 2015. The executive search industry has changed so much over the last 25 years in large part because of the advances in technology. Research in 1995 was often “smile and dial” and the yellow pages and white pages were key tools. Recruiters used to talk to people more in the evening back then once they got home because it wasn’t possible for someone to have a private conversation at work. Julie recalled that when she would connect with candidates in the evening, it was quite often that a child would answer. Then she would have to ask that when she called back the child would let it go to voicemail so the person she was trying to reach got the message.

To advertise open positions, the firm would put an ad in the “help wanted” section of the Cincinnati Enquirer and candidates would mail in their resumes. In the mid-1990s the fax machine was introduced to the industry. Julie recalled when the fax machine would curl each page as it arrived and drop it to the floor as it was received, so on Mondays the first thing she and her colleagues would do is match up all of the resumes off the ground that were faxed in over the weekend. In the ’90s computers and the internet became mainstream, and Julie observed that adapting to and implementing new technology has always been important to the firm.

In the early 2000s Julie noted that cell phones and personal emails brought greater benefits to the recruiting industry, providing a direct way to connect and build relationships with clients and candidates any time of day. In recent years online platforms such a LinkedIn and software designed for candidate tracking have made the industry more engaging than ever.

A Love for the Industry

When asked what she is most proud of in her career, Julie said she has clients she has worked with for over a decade, which she attributes to the way the firm cultivates relationships with clients. She also mentioned that as changes came our way, the firm always chose the ethical route, doing what was in the best interests of the clients it serves. In this industry, no two days are ever the same. That is what Julie says she loves most about executive search in addition to feeling knowledgeable about companies and industries. Julie remembers that when her children were younger they would Google the names of local companies and Julie felt such pride in knowing what each company did. She attributes this to all of the relationships she has built over the years with clients and candidates she has interviewed.

The Future of the Industry

Advances in technology and AI are sure to continue to influence the recruiting industry, especially as it relates to research and sourcing. Tools that engage behavioral assessments, team strategy, and people data will be key driving factors in the future of our work. Julie feels confident about how consistent the firm has been in building genuine relationships regardless of the advances in technology that have aided our industry. We listen and connect with the vision of each organization so that we can help build leadership teams built to carry out their unique strategic plan. Julie said, “It’s not difficult for a client to throw an ad on Indeed, get resumes, and hire someone, but if they want the best fit, we go the extra mile at Gilman Partners.” 

Thank you, Julie, for your many years of service and dedication to the executive search industry, the firm, and our clients. The expertise you bring is vital in elevating the talent in our communities.



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