As Hiring Regains Traction from the Coronavirus Shutdown, Here are the Emerging Trends

CEO Tom Gilman shares some of talent trends we’re seeing as stay-at-home orders are lifted and organizations begin to return to a more usual operating environment.

Emerging Leaders Roundtable Recap: Attracting & Retaining Talent in a Multi-Generational Workforce

This morning Gilman Partners hosted a roundtable discussion with emerging leaders to talk about trends in attracting and retaining talent. The conversation touched on everything from the challenges of implementing the logistics of flexible schedules to managing generational differences in the workplace to the current shift toward more proactive recruiting. Read more of the highlights in our full blog post.

A Recruiter’s Notebook: The Importance of Motivation

Is your candidate motivated by a sense of doom and gloom, or optimism about the opportunity? Assessing motivation will help you make the right choice.


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