Nonprofit Roundtable Recap: Attracting and Retaining Nonprofit Leaders

This morning Gilman Partners hosted a roundtable discussion with nonprofit leaders from around the Greater Cincinnati region focused on attracting and developing talent in the nonprofit industry. Here are some of the key takeaways from the conversation.

CFO Roundtable Recap: Attracting & Retaining Finance Talent

We met with area CFOs to talk about the trends they're seeing in attracting and retaining talent. Here are some of the key takeaways from the conversation.

2019 Trends in Talent

Here are some of the major talent trends we anticipate as we move into 2019.

Local Leaders Share Thoughts on Organizational Culture

Gilman Partners recently hosted a roundtable with local C-suite executives to talk about organizational culture and how it impacts employee recruitment and retention.

The Dupps Company Culture Keeps Employees Around for Generations

Turnover in the manufacturing industry can be high, but that’s not the case at Dupps, which designs, manufactures and services process systems and equipment for recycling and renewables industries.

A Recruiter's Notebook: Attention to Retention

With all of the buzz about the tight talent market, retention of your top performers is getting more attention. As recruiters, we’re reaching out to your coveted employees to entice them with new career opportunities. Why would they be interested?

Strategic Onboarding Boosts Employee Retention and Success

The job doesn't end after the interview and hiring process. Properly onboarding a new hire is a crucial part to maintaining strong company culture and ensuring employee retention.

From the Cincinnati Business Courier: Consider these steps to boost employee retention

Tom Gilman shares tactics companies can implement to boost employee engagement and retention of their front-line employees during this increasingly tight and competitive labor market.


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