2021 Trends in Talent

Though the global pandemic has shaken up even the most essential of businesses, we believe the momentum around hiring and economic growth will return later this year. In a recent article for The Cincinnati Business Courier, Tom Gilman and Angel Beets shared several talent-related initiatives on which leaders should be focusing.

As Hiring Regains Traction from the Coronavirus Shutdown, Here are the Emerging Trends

CEO Tom Gilman shares some of talent trends we’re seeing as stay-at-home orders are lifted and organizations begin to return to a more usual operating environment.

2019 Trends in Talent

Here are some of the major talent trends we anticipate as we move into 2019.

A Recruiter's Notebook: Attention to Retention

With all of the buzz about the tight talent market, retention of your top performers is getting more attention. As recruiters, we’re reaching out to your coveted employees to entice them with new career opportunities. Why would they be interested?

From the Cincinnati Business Courier: Talent Trends for 2018

Tom Gilman shares his thoughts and insights on what companies should expect from the current talent market in the year to come. Read up on the full list of 2018 trends.


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