Job Details

Distribution Center Manager

Location:   Cincinnati, OH

Salary:   Competitive base salary based on experience plus bonus



  • Are you an experienced Distribution Center Manager that is ready to take on a larger scope of responsibility? OR are you the #2 “in charge” of a large facility and ready to take on the lead management role?
  • Do you want to work for a “winning company” that strives to develop their employees and expand their footprint?
  • Would you like to have the opportunity to advance in the company in the next 3-5 years?



Our client is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been a leader in the Distribution industry for over five decades. They have led the industry in unique and efficient ways to distribute to the home improvement and hardware industries. With close to 140,000 SKU’s and more than a million square foot of warehouse space, our client has built strong and lasting relationships with most of North America’s leading retailers. They pride themselves on a “Can Do” attitude and always find a solution to their clients needs.



The Distribution Center Manager provides leadership and direction to the entire operation, specifically including receiving, order picking, staffing, expense control, safety, inventory, transportation, shipping and maintenance to ensure the achievement of company objectives and customer requirements.



  • Ensure facility performance objectives are met or exceeded relating to all operational metrics, and internal and external customer service.
  • Develop recommended operating and capital budget; manages operations within approved budget and continually seeks cost saving opportunities. Ensures economical utilization of materials and labor.
  • Manage multiple data sources to provide information to the operations team as well as other key stakeholders.  Champion change to more automated and updated reporting and information for the site.
  • Analyze facility layout, workflow, and operating results to identify and implement opportunities for improvement.
  • Ensure the physical condition of the DC and equipment are properly maintained.
  • Provide direction to line managers and supervisors to ensure the consistent administration of policies and the delivery of established objectives.
  • Maintain sound employee relations by developing and maintaining a strong and cohesive management/supervisory team that works professionally with employees within the facility.
  • Communicate regularly with staff to provide information, answer questions, and address issues.
  • Ensure facility is in compliance with related safety regulations.  Work with safety management and facility management team to develop and delivery function specific training and incorporate safe practices into all facility activities.  Take proactive measures to identify and minimize risks.



  • Bachelors’ degree preferred or the equivalent in education and experience. 
  • Five years related experience in a high volume semi-automated distribution center.  Experience in a facility that uses conveyers, RF scanning, and pick-to-ship container methods preferred.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of inventory control and transportation management.
  • Knowledge of Word, Excel, and Windows.  Able to learn and use in-house software applications.  Excellent organization, planning, and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong data analysis skills and experience pulling data from multiple sources and interpreting the information to make sound business decisions. 
  • Previous change management experience (driving, influencing and inspiring change through communication at all impacted levels).



  • Demonstrates Organizational Awareness by inspiring others to act in a manner that models the organization's mission, vision, and values. Demonstrates knowledge of the organization's risk, and opportunities within the competitive environment. Understands how different roles within the organization contribute to attaining organizational goals, and key performance indicators. Influences, supports, and communicates the strategic direction of the organization
  • Will have proven Strong Planning and Results Orientation Skills. Clearly outlines, and communicates performance expectations and metrics, and ties them to organizational goals. Recognizes, and rewards good performance, and addresses poor performance. Inspires the organization to meet stretch goals. Makes effective decisions about department priorities.
  • Has a Strong Customer Focus mindset. Assesses, and addresses underlying customer needs beyond those originally expressed.  Identifies and implements best practices, and solutions to improve customer service. Builds processes from the customer's, rather than the organization's, point of view. Creates an environment where employees are empowered to put customers first.
  • Will have a confident Leadership acumen. Coaches others in standards of professionalism. Rallies people across departments around a common goal. Inspires others to continually exceed expectations. Demonstrates commitment to the organization. Gives credit to others. Optimizes performance through coaching, and mentoring.
  • Demonstrates Communication and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Listens for the hidden context. Takes on the role of facilitator to improve understanding and resolve disagreement. Communicates persuasively without manipulation. Creates opportunities, and forums for discussion, and idea-sharing. Communicates in a way that engenders confidence. Demonstrates understanding of the feelings, motivations, and perspectives of others. confidence.
  • Has developed strong Problem-solving and Decision-making skills. Demonstrates broad knowledge of information sources that can be used to assess problems and make decisions. Effectively leverages hard data as inputs to making decisions. Thoroughly analyzes impact of possible solutions and decisions, and shares probable impacts based on experience. Able to garner insight from abstract data and make appropriate decisions.
  • Believes in Teamwork above all else. Demonstrates ownership, and accountability for team outcomes.
  • Inspires the team towards a shared goal. Reaches out to other teams, and departments to build collaborative, cross-functional relationships. Leads initiatives to improve team engagement, and effectiveness.
  • Works with Creativity and Innovation as a priority. Articulates a vision for the department. Creates an environment empowering individuals to champion improvements to processes, and outputs.
  • Ability to be Flexible and Manage Uncertainty. Manages planning, and implementation of change initiatives.
  • Encourages team members to embrace and contribute to change. Presents the business need for change in positive, but realistic terms. Listens and responds to feedback regarding change and uncertainty.
  • Strives for Continuous Professional Development. Knows the knowledge, and skills currently held by the team, as well as current and future gaps based on organizational objectives. Proactively coaches others in both technical, and soft-skills development. Constructively challenges existing strategies for development. Creates sound business cases for investment in employee development. Motivates others to improve 


Julie George, Partner