Job Details

Senior Production Planner/Leader

Location:   Cincinnati, OH

Salary:   based on experience



Nehemiah Manufacturing partners with companies like Procter and Gamble and entrepreneurs to license/acquire small brands, innovate new product concepts and contract manufacture products. As a nationally recognized second chance employer, Nehemiah is committed to bringing manufacturing jobs back to the inner city of Cincinnati to stimulate community development and economic growth.



This is a working Leader position with 4 direct reports. The overall objective of this role is to maintain inventory levels to ensure they can fill every order 100% complete with an optimal supply plan. This person will work directly with suppliers to ensure best costs and timely delivery of materials, production to ensure the correct inventory levels are maintained, inventory control to ensure inventory counts are accurate and the sales team to interact with forecast. The primary resource will be MRP to drive planning.



  • Provide leadership, coaching, training, and set metrics for the Planning Department.
  • Daily review results of previous MRP reports. Develop action plans to ensure goals are met in inventory levels, costs, and production targets. 
  • Assist with the transition to a new ERP, Acumatica
  • Develops a weekly bucket of finished goods required from production team. Approves schedule proposal from production team in advance of commencing.
  • Ensure adequate supply is available to cover all orders on product families assigned. Some items are seasonal and required supply will shift up in season and down out of season.
  • Develops a corporate wide communication when a potential material shortage exists.
  • Manage inventory transitions (i.e.: new artwork, packaging changes, formula changes) to minimize obsolescence costs for items in your product family
  • Oversee inventory counts and adjustments for items in your product family. Initiate research and reconcile variances. Work with the team to develop corrective actions where necessary.
  • Manage supplier base to ensure excellent quality, service, and cost from each supplier.
  • Regularly interacts with contract manufacturers to communicate schedule needs, changes, and other related needs.
  • Meets with suppliers on a regular basis to update them on upcoming business needs.
  • Create POs for items that require delivery
  • Contribute to the blending schedule for liquid products
  • Provide a monthly forecast to key suppliers and vendors



Must bring passion for our second chance mission and for winning in the highly competitive CPG marketplace. Hiring will focus specifically on the below attributes: 

  • 4-year degree highly preferred
  • Expert user skills in Excel
  • Extensive experience in MRP/ERP systems. Nehemiah is transition to a new ERP system, Acumatica. Previous knowledge is not expected
  • Prior supervisory/lead experience required
  • 5 years or more experience purchasing and scheduling in a manufacturing environment
  • Experience interfacing databases with Excel operations



Compensation is commensurate with experience. Several key aspects of compensation listed below. 

  • BONUS: Nehemiah provides an annual bonus if key financial success metrics are met by the organization. Target annual bonus is 5-10% of annual salary (range based on annual review vs. expectations)
  • 401 K MATCH: Nehemiah will match first 3% of 401K contributions and 50% of up to next 2% (if at the max, Nehemiah will match 4% of a 5% 401 K contribution). These contributions immediately vest.
  • VACATION: Vacation starts with 3 weeks of paid vacation annually (15 days) in addition to 10 company holidays.
  • HEALTHCARE: Nehemiah provides strong, comprehensive Healthcare benefit. Nehemiah contributes 75% of costs. More details upon request.
  • CELL PHONE: Nehemiah will reimburse monthly data/access fees up to $100/month for cell phone
  • GYM MEMBERSHIP/WELLNESS: Nehemiah provides onsite gym/fitness facility but will also reimburse up to $500/year for employee gym membership.



Cory Renzenbrink, Recruiter