Executive search

America's most successful companies, both large and small, share an important asset; they all have a dynamic senior leadership team. For many clients, we perform searches for a senior executives or other mission critical positions. When executing these assignments, we add an additional level of service that includes:

  • The active involvement of two senior recruiters, including at least one of our partners
  • In-depth consideration of our Behavioral Strength Assessment by one of our certified experts
  • The use of a client portal to better facilitate communication throughout the process

If you are considering a search for a senior member of your team, contact:
Tom Gilman (tgilman@gilmanpartners.com or 513.842.5333)
Barry Elkus (belkus@gilmanpartners.com or 513.842.5331)
Rick Maier (
rmaier@gilmanpartners.com or 513.842.5313)