Talent Advisory

We are passionate about working with senior leaders to maximize the potential of their people and enhance business results. We work with clients to:

  • Identify talent strategies needed in their business to drive growth
  • Engage talent across the company to deliver results
  • Develop leaders, teams, and stakeholders around common goals
  • Retain critical talent through ongoing engagement and development  

Our primary Talent Advisory focuses are:

  • Talent Strategy: A Talent Strategy determines where and how you invest time and other resources in key talent initiatives.  The “talent ecosystem” is vast and when the investments made in people strategies align with business priorities, success will follow. These actions to attract, engage, develop and retain people will drive future growth. 
  • Succession Planning: We help assess the current bench and future potential of your team.  That helps you plan for any gaps and create strategies to develop talent internally or begin benchmarking for external sourcing.  We can help you Identify, engage, develop and retain high potential talent. 
  • Executive Onboarding and Integration: Actively onboarding and connecting new leaders to the organization is critical to their success.  While failure rates of a transitioning executive are high, a purposed approach with managed objectives increases leader effectiveness with new teams and stakeholders, shortens the ramp-up time and smooths the leader’s assimilation into a new culture.
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching: Through coaching, we help leaders gain personal insight to unlock the answers within and accelerate leadership growth.  It could be about making a small shift or adjustment to what you do or how you do it. It could be changing a mindset to see things in a new light. At times, it’s a more urgent need to course correct and avoid problems. We get to the heart of the matter through a discovery process that benefits the leader, the team, and the organization.