Our Process


Gilman Partners invests significant time and effort identifying and recruiting leaders who fit the unique culture and personality of the organizations we represent.  For each search, our team develops a search strategy unique to the client/position that guides us throughout the search process. 

Assigning two recruiters per search helps us think more broadly about potential candidates, gives us two perspectives in interviews, and ensures we are always available to address client and candidate needs. Our recruiters are supported by a dedicated sourcing and research team to help find the candidates others miss. We also leverage a purposeful series of screens, interviews, and behavioral profiles to ensure we only present our clients with the candidates who are a true fit.

For every search we conduct, we apply a team approach and follow a unique, structured process. It’s not the process — but the results of our process — that keeps clients returning to our firm to find the right fit for their team.  

Our Process

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