Executive Leadership Development

Executive Leadership Development

Developing Next-Level Leaders with Today’s Most Critical Skills

As the business landscape changes, so do the skills today’s leaders need to be most e­ffective, and many traditional leadership programs haven’t kept up. More than just a management course, GP Elevate is a highly collaborative, six-month program with a curriculum that blends core business competencies and critical soft skills, all while introducing participants to a high-caliber peer group.

The proof is in the data.  With an average of six months until advancement, more than a third of GP Elevate participants are promoted in their companies within two years of graduating the program. 95% of GP Elevate alumni are still with their companies two years after graduation. 

What is GP Elevate?

GP Elevate is specifically designed to prepare high-potential leaders for executive roles. The skills that make early career leaders successful aren’t always the same skills that will ensure their success at the top of the organization. This is the concept on which the entire GP Elevate program is built. Participants explore the behaviors they need to stop doing, start doing, or continue doing to be successful as they move into senior leadership. 

The goal of GP Elevate is to help professionals step out of their day-to-day department or silo and see their organization from a broader perspective. Program sessions are led by subject matter experts, but the format is collaborative and interactive, with activities and small group breakout sessions woven throughout each day. Many participants say the peer-to-peer discussions are their favorite part of the program. Leadership can be lonely – and that makes having a group of trusted peers to talk with invaluable.

GP Elevate is designed to be practical and approachable – not theoretical. Many of the ideas and concepts participants learn can be applied immediately. The program kicks off with a half-day orientation and then meets one full day a month for six months.


Session topics include:

  • Attracting, Retaining, and Developing Talent
  • Crafting Organizational Strategy
  • Deepening Financial Understanding
  • Effectively Managing Change
  • Communicating with Excellence
  • Successfully Navigating Challenging Conversations
  • Deepening Emotional Intelligence
  • Creating a Culture of Productivity
  • Building an Effective Executive Team

Program Details

  • There are three new GP Elevate cohorts each year. There are two remaining cohorts available this year, beginning in August 2024 (August-February) and October 2024 (October-April).
  • Ideal GP Elevate participants are high-potential leaders being developed for executive management roles in the next few years OR leaders who have recently joined an executive management team. Participants represent both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.
  • Each cohort is capped at 12 participants with no more than one professional from any organization. This is so participants feel comfortable sharing their challenges and growth opportunities and can build a strong professional network they can call upon after the program is finished. We ensure there are no participants from competing organizations in the same cohort to protect confidentiality.
  • Many sessions culminate in a conversation with area CEOs to add context to that day’s topic and broaden our understanding of what it means to be a leader.
  • After graduation, participants join the GP Elevate Alumni Network – an impressive and continuously growing network of leaders who meet several times a year to celebrate new program graduates and take part in additional learning opportunities.

Program Cost:

$9,700 ($5,000 for nonprofit organizations)
The fee includes all books, materials, and meals.

For more information, contact Amber Brown at 513-842-5339 or [email protected].

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