Mechanical Engineer – Plumbing & Fire Protection


Mechanical Engineer – Plumbing & Fire Protection

Cincinnati, OH

Organization: Jedson Engineering

Salary: based on experience


It’s an exciting time to be joining Jedson Engineering! We’re enjoying a sustained period of growth and have a great team who are passionate about their work in support of our clients in the pulp & paper, chemical, consumer products, and food & beverage. We have offices in the Midwest and across the Southeast, and our new location in Salt Lake City. We’re family-owned and growing at an incredible pace. We’re also offering the opportunity to take your career in a new and exciting direction. It’s truly an outstanding time to join our business!



  • At Jedson, you’ll experience a variety of projects in a high growth business.
  • We provide a stable and versatile work environment where you’re surrounded by people who are passionate about their work.
  • We trust each other and work together to meet our clients’ needs.
  • We work as a team – and we like to have fun while we’re at it!



You will be managing industrial projects involving the design of Plumbing and Fire Protection systems. HVAC experience would be a plus. The successful candidate will provide a high level of leadership, mentoring and training for less experienced staff. You will work directly with customers and interfaces with potential clients on a regular basis.



  • Leads the design of Plumbing and Fire Protection systems and their associated equipment. Design can range from a conceptual level to detailed construction documents.
  • Proficiency in designing industrial plumbing and fire protection systems is crucial. This involves creating system layouts, sizing pipes, selecting appropriate fixtures and equipment, and ensuring compliance with safety and efficiency standards.
  • Detailed sprinkler design with hydraulic calculation abilities would be a plus.
  • A strong understanding of plumbing systems, including water supply, drainage, and waste systems, is necessary. Familiarity with various plumbing materials, fixtures, and components, as well as their installation requirements, is important for developing effective plumbing designs.
  • Proficiency in fire protection system design, including fire suppression systems (sprinklers, water mist systems, foam systems), fire detection and alarm systems, and smoke control systems, is vital. Thorough understanding of fire protection codes, NFPA standards, FM datasheets, and system integration for fire sprinkler systems is essential.
  • Proficiency in computer-aided design software, particularly AutoCAD, is required for creating detailed drawings and models of plumbing and fire protection systems. Familiarity with Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, such as Revit, is also advantageous for collaborative design and coordination. Experience with sprinkler hydraulic calculation software is not a requirement but would be a plus.
  • Mechanical Engineers in this field must possess strong problem-solving skills to address challenges related to system design, performance, and integration.
  • Excellent communication skills are necessary to work with clients, architects, contractors, and other stakeholders throughout the design and construction process. Collaborative abilities, including teamwork and coordination with other engineering disciplines, are also important for successful project execution.
  • Staying updated with the latest building codes, regulations, and industry standards related to plumbing and fire protection systems is essential. Compliance with local, state, and national codes ensures the safety and functionality of the systems.
  • The ability to manage projects, including coordinating timelines, budgets, and resources, is valuable. Project management skills ensure that designs are executed efficiently and completed within specified deadlines and budgets.
  • Lead internal teams and mentor less experienced engineers and designers.
  • Assist with, and support business development activities that support Jedson’s overall strategic goals.



  • 10+ years’ experience in the design, analysis, and implementation of commercial, industrial plumbing and fire protection systems.
  • Must have engineering consulting experience.
  • Depending on level of experience, you could serve as the Subject Matter Expert on large complex projects or multiple smaller projects.
  • Proficiency in relevant codes and standards is essential.
  • Strong technical skills related to commercial and industrial plumbing and fire protection systems are required.
  • Experience with AutoCAD and Revit is ideal.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to present technical information clearly and concisely is important.
  • Familiarity with relevant industry regulations, building codes, and standards related to plumbing and fire protection
  • Obtaining professional certifications related to plumbing and fire protection systems, such as Certified Plumbing Design or Certified Fire Protection Specialist, can be advantageous and demonstrate expertise in the field.
  • Actively participates in quality control of projects.
  • Plays a significant role in project reviews for quality control on complex projects.
  • Understands project scheduling and sequencing of engineering activities.
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft software such as Excel and Word.
  • Some travelling is required.