HR ROUNDTABLE RECAP: As a New Year Approaches, HR Leaders Seek Strategies to Find and Keep Talent

As the year comes to an end, we are still experiencing economic uncertainty which can make organizational planning for 2023 difficult. Last week, more than 30 HR leaders from the Cincinnati region gathered to discuss some challenges they are facing.

As Workplace Trends Shift, Keep the Mission Steady

After more than two years of dominating economic headlines, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that September will be the last month it will ask supplemental questions about Covid’s effects on the labor market.

The Evolution of C-Suite Responsibilities: How to Attract and Retain Executives Today

C-suite roles have changed recently and recruiting for those roles has shifted as a result. Gilman Partners hosted a roundtable with HR leaders around the Cincinnati region to discuss how C-Suite roles have changed.

Cincinnati Nonprofit Leaders Discuss Transition and Succession Planning

Gilman Partners’ Nonprofit Leadership Practice team hosted a roundtable discussion focused on succession planning and leadership transition. Nonprofit leaders from around the Greater Cincinnati area gathered to hear experiences from the panel.

HR Roundtable Recap:
Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Talent in 2022

Nearly 40 HR leaders from across the Greater Cincinnati region gathered virtually to talk about some of the key talent trends affecting organizations this year.

Are You Ready for a Career Change to Nonprofit?

It’s no secret that the pandemic has led many of us to reflect on our priorities and consider new career paths. For some, this has led to exploring the nonprofit sector. “Maybe I can find something that has more meaning and still leverages my skillset.”

2022 Talent Trends:
Best practices for retaining talent in the ever-shifting labor market

The talent landscape continues to be volatile and challenging. While jobs are plentiful and compensation has increased, turnover is up, the unemployment rate has stayed relatively high, and the labor participation rate is lower than expected.

HR Roundtable Recap: Fostering Inclusion and Belonging in the Workplace

Nearly 40 senior human resources leaders from across Ohio and Northern Kentucky joined Gilman Partners’ HR Practice Group for a roundtable discussion on diversity, equity and inclusion.

HR Leaders Share Thoughts on Hybrid Work and Employee Benefit Trends

Gilman Partners’ HR Practice Team hosted a virtual roundtable discussion with more than 30 human resources leaders from across the Greater Cincinnati region. The group’s discussion focused on two areas – making hybrid/remote work successful and trends in employee benefits that attract and retain talent. Read highlights from the conversation.

Nonprofit Leaders Share Thoughts on Retaining Talent

The Gilman Partners Nonprofit Leadership Practice team hosted a roundtable discussion with nonprofit leaders from across the Greater Cincinnati region to talk about retaining talent in their organizations. Read some of the highlights from the conversation that focused on workplace flexibility, rising salaries, and trending employee benefits.


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