Baldwin Gilman Recognized as One of Greater Cincinnati's Fastest Growing Companies

Baldwin Gilman is pleased to have been recognized by the Cincinnati Business Courier as one of the 2012 "Fast 55", the 55 fastest growing privately-held companies in the region.

Baldwin Gilman? A National Search Firm?

Author--Michele Plessinger"We thought you guys just did local searches!" On occasion, we'll hear from one of our potential clients that they chose to use one of the "big guys" ½a National/Global Search Firm½.to manage a search for them. We have to wonder. Let's look at the facts

Improve Your Interviewing

Interviewing potential new employees is obviously a critical step in hiring. It's also hard and, in our experience, frequently not executed as well as it could be. With that in mind, here a few tips for improving your interviewing process

Happy Chinese New Year!! 2012 is the Year of the Dragon

The Dragon is the mightiest of the signs in the Chinese Zodiac and symbolizes dominance and ambition. A Dragon is a powerful leader--driven, unafraid of challenges, and willing to take risks! Dragons prefer to live by their own rules and if left on their own, are usually successful.

What to Expect from Baldwin Gilman

As we begin the new year we thought it important to communicate what Baldwin Gilman commits to do as we assist our clients:

Behavioral Assessments--What We Have Learned

Two years ago, we started using a behavioral assessment tool as part of our candidate assessment process. Why? Because whenever we asked our clients to describe the "top 3 things" they wanted in a candidate, we heard a list of behavior traits more often than we heard about specific skills or experience. We heard about "fit". Sure, the job description covers the skills and experience, but we strive to read between the lines and find those candidates who do, actually, "fit".

Skype Interviewing, Tips and Technology

Skype interviews are quickly replacing phone screens and even face-to-face interviews. And no wonder--conducting interviews with Skype can be very cost efficient and convenient if done correctly. Here are some tips to make your Skype interviews go smoothly and effectively: Make sure you're comfortable using the technology. Practice making some Skype calls to friends and family before using it for interviews. Inspect your setting. What will the other person see?

10 Tips for Successful On-boarding--How to Set up a New Hire for Success

The first few weeks on the job are a critical time for both a company and their new hire. Well-organized on-boarding reduces the cost of disruption on the first day and beyond. The better and more thorough the on-boarding process, the higher an employee's chances of success. Both the new employee and the employer have a lot to learn about each other, and the expectations regarding how soon the new hire will become productive are typically very high.

Branding Yourself as an Employer--How Attractive are you to Top Talent?

Competing for talent in today's marketplace requires more than posting a job; it requires finesse. Whether you realize it or not, as an employer you present a certain image as a place of employment -- your employer "brand". As you begin to think about hiring and recruiting, remember that the brand you communicate to potential employees can be a key factor in attracting the right new hire. Here are a few suggestions for making sure your employer brand helps, rather than hurts, your efforts.

Secrets of Retention--How to Keep Your Best Players

In our post on Employment Mega-trends we discussed a possible exodus of employees from all kinds of businesses. According to recent surveys, "one in two U.S. employees [are] looking to leave or [have] checked out on the job." [footnote 1] And according to a survey conducted by Deloitte, "only 28% of Gen Xers expect to stay with their current employers -- suggesting many companies can expect a significant exodus among employees they were counting on to become future leaders".