Secrets of Retention--How to Keep Your Best Players

In our post on Employment Mega-trends we discussed a possible exodus of employees from all kinds of businesses. According to recent surveys, "one in two U.S. employees [are] looking to leave or [have] checked out on the job." [footnote 1] And according to a survey conducted by Deloitte, "only 28% of Gen Xers expect to stay with their current employers -- suggesting many companies can expect a significant exodus among employees they were counting on to become future leaders".

New Series: Employment Mega-TrendsĀ½.

New Series: Employment Mega-TrendsĀ½.What Could Happen and How to Prepare We are ever watchful of employment trends, and we believe preparing for what's to come is of particular importance in these frazzled economic times. Therefore we're launching a series on employment mega trends -- what could happen and what you should be thinking about.

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The BG Blog: Rich Fresh Content Twice a Month We are pleased to announce the new BG Blog. Here we'll share firsthand observations of the current economy and hiring, along with actionable tips and advice. In place of the bg Times e-newsletter our blog will provide fresh, concise content twice per month. Why the change? A blog will allow us to stay in more frequent contact with you, and you with us.