A Recruiter’s Notebook: The Importance of Motivation

Is your candidate motivated by a sense of doom and gloom, or optimism about the opportunity? Assessing motivation will help you make the right choice.

Best Practices for Working with a Recruiter

For job seekers who find themselves working with a recruiter, building that relationship is a two-way street that requires work on both ends.

A Recruiter's Notebook: Attention to Retention

With all of the buzz about the tight talent market, retention of your top performers is getting more attention. As recruiters, we’re reaching out to your coveted employees to entice them with new career opportunities. Why would they be interested?

Meet Our Team: Marci Pfeifer

Learn more about Marci Pfeifer, Partner at Gilman Partners.

A Recruiter's Notebook: And the Offer Is...?

You’ve survived a lengthy search for a key member of your senior leadership team. Multiple candidates have endured several rounds of interviews. The “winner’ has emerged and you’re ready to make an offer. The candidate is excited and it’s time to close the deal.

Meet Our Team: Michele Plessinger

Learn more about Michele Plessinger, Partner at Gilman Partners.

Strategic Onboarding Boosts Employee Retention and Success

The job doesn't end after the interview and hiring process. Properly onboarding a new hire is a crucial part to maintaining strong company culture and ensuring employee retention.

Meet Our Team: Brent Loebig

Learn more about Brent Loebig, Partner at Gilman Partners.

From the Cincinnati Business Courier: Talent Trends for 2018

Tom Gilman shares his thoughts and insights on what companies should expect from the current talent market in the year to come. Read up on the full list of 2018 trends.

From the Cincinnati Business Courier: Consider these steps to boost employee retention

Tom Gilman shares tactics companies can implement to boost employee engagement and retention of their front-line employees during this increasingly tight and competitive labor market.


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