Meet Our Team: Jeff Moore

Learn more about Jeff Moore, Executive Recruiter at Gilman Partners.

Assessments Add Value to all Talent Decisions

Assessments help us make better decisions, for ourselves and for our business, by surfacing opportunities for discovery and dialogue.

Meet Our Team: Julie George

Learn more about Julie George, Executive Recruiter at Gilman Partners.

Meet Our Team: Chuck Aardema

Learn more about Chuck Aardema, Executive Recruiter at Gilman Partners.

Crafting the Ideal Job Description

A lot of attention is given to what a great resume looks like from its content to its ideal length, but there is often less focus on the anatomy of a strong job description. Just as a resume serves to grab the attention of a potential employer, the right job description can make or break a position in the eyes of potential candidates.

Executive Onboarding: A Roadmap to Success

The failure of a new leader can cost an organization dearly—most estimates are more than double the executive’s compensation. Add to that an estimated new leader failure rate near 50% and it’s safe to conclude the inherent difficulty of leadership transitions.

Executive Coaching: What it is, What it Isn’t, and What to Expect

You’ve probably heard about executive coaching—or possibly you’ve had a coach yourself. A coach helps you look around and adapt, see forward and focus.

Mary Morand Joins Gilman Partners to Lead New Talent Advisory Practice

Gilman Partners has hired talent management executive Mary Morand to lead its newly formed Talent Advisory Practice.

Gilman Partners Expands Services to Include Talent Advisory

For nearly 40 years, Cincinnati-based Gilman Partners has identified, recruited, and placed top leaders for clients throughout the Midwest as a retained executive search firm.

Gilman Partners Welcomes Chuck Aardema

Chuck Aardema joins Gilman Partners with a breadth of business and human resources experience, having served as the VP HR in the paper, consumer products, retail/wholesale, and food industries.


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