When Not to Engage an Outside Recruiter

I may not be the most objective source for advice, but I have some insight and guidelines to consider.

Gilman Partners Welcomes David Ginsburg

David Ginsburg, former President and CEO of Downtown Cincinnati Inc., joined Gilman Partners as a Senior Advisor.

A Recruiter's Notebook: Overqualified? Take a closer look.

With many professionals choosing (or needing) to work well past the traditional retirement age, there is a real opportunity to tap into this talent pool.

Gilman Partners Welcomes Angel Beets

Please join us in welcoming Angel Beets to the Gilman Partners team as a Talent Advisor and Director of Communication & Research.

To Recruit Top Talent for Your Organization, Follow the Advice of a D1 College Basketball Recruiter

My job was—and is—about helping organizations find the very best talent, and it doesn’t matter whether that organization is a college basketball program or $100-million private company.

A Recruiter's Notebook: What Talent Shortage?

Unemployment is low, demand for talent is high, and everyone is talking about the talent shortage.

A Recruiter’s Notebook: Create a Richer Interview Experience

In today’s tight talent market, it’s important for candidates to discover why your organization is an attractive place to work and get a feel for your culture.

First Quarter 2018 Highlights

The first quarter of 2018 was rewarding and successful for Gilman Partners and our clients.

A Recruiter’s Notebook: The Importance of Motivation

Is your candidate motivated by a sense of doom and gloom, or optimism about the opportunity? Assessing motivation will help you make the right choice.

Best Practices for Working with a Recruiter

For job seekers who find themselves working with a recruiter, building that relationship is a two-way street that requires work on both ends.